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The following departments are the key areas of our ministry's functions:


  • Mission and Evangelism
  • Education
  • Health
  • Communication(media)
  • Welfare
  • Agriculture

Missions and Evangelism:


This department which is the heart beat of our ministry, undertakes vigorous evangelistic campaign. Specific programs include the hosting of crusade and revival meetings, home and campus Bible studies, prison and hospital outreach, counseling, rural evangelism, and church planting. The department mobilizes and trains volunteers who are sent out as missionaries and other areas of services


This department serves as the resource center of our ministry. The department carries out specific educational programs which are relevant for communities. These programs include Christian-based schools, vocational and skill training as tools for empowerment and a pastoral training center for ministry preparation.


The health department of our ministry is committed to providing health facilities and establishing rural-based clinics to address the health need of her community people. The department partner with other institutions locally and internationally in areas of health needs.

Welfare and Care:

This department of our ministry serves as the relief arm of the ministry. It is committed to helping less fortunate people (orphans; widows; disabled; war affected and less fortunate children). She also helps implement the efforts of other humanitarian organizations in the areas of relief, care and volunteer staffs for effective duties in areas of needs.


our ministry depends on the agriculture department for self sustainability, by undertaking  income generating agriculture projects. This department provides larger support for employment and job opportunities for members of our ministry and the community.

Skillful agriculture training are conducted for career enhancement through our agriculture programs. It is one of the most prevalent vocational opportunities for the community people.