Great Commission Global:

Loving, Sharing & Impacting
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Who we are:

Great Commission Global is a ministry with the heartbeat of evangelism, missions and empowerment initiatives. We share God's love by Loving, Sharing, and Impacting Others.

The ministry runs a work of inclusion, the collective work of all bible believing and God's fearing believers in their areas of calling and gifts commissioned for the harvest purpose, proclamation of the gospel and promotion of God's Kingdom in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.


To proclaim the Gospel in rural sectors of nations, planning churches, schools and health facilities in the ministry's areas of reached.


To win lost souls to Christ, through Christian discipleship training, and evangelistic campaigns:

  • Prayers meetings
  • Crusades
  • Seminars and work-shops
  • Revivals meetings etc.

Statement of Faith

1.      We believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired holy word of God without error for guidance,     teaching, correcting, rebuking, and training in righteousness.

2.      We believe that salvation is found only through Jesus Christ.

3.       We believe in the Triune God: Father, Son  and Holy Spirit.

4.       We believe that Jesus Christ is the foundation of our redemption and justification.

5.      We believe in the institution of Holy Baptism by immersion.

6.      We believe in the institution of Holy Communion.

7.      We believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ Jesus  on the first Easter.

8.      We believe in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

9.      We believe Jesus Christ will judge all people of the world.


* To create an environment of redeemed people through vigorous evangelism, missions and discipleship.

* To build the capacity of the less fortunate (ophane, disability and crisis victemized children, widows, homeless, mentally ill) through seminars and upkeep programs that will enhance care and their wellbeing.

* To help Christian workers, youth and young adults  with skill training and sound education that will enable them to effectively impact their society, become capitally proficient for better standard of living and  to conduct proper family management and care in their home and communities.

* To promote educational programs for proper development of children that will enhance better future for them, through the establishment of schools and vocational programs in the ministry's areas of outreach.

* To promote self-sustainable developmental projects and programs for capacity building and welfare initiatives.

* To create awareness of basic moral issues that are affecting or will affect the survival of our generation and generations to come, and recommending Biblical solutions.

* To partner with other ministries or organizations to promote humanitarian efforts.